Here’s A Fun Way of Being Vegan

this picture shows a fun way of being a vegan

Let’s face it, living out a vegan lifestyle sounds like a daunting task, especially for meat-eaters. But for those who have gone and thoughtfully considered trying out this cleaner, greener plant-based diet, knowing where to start is a challenge. When you spent most of your life eating animal-based products, trying out vegan alternatives will make your mind compare it to “real meat”. Fortunately, vegans are growing more creative to make vegan food more appealing for all.

Here are four quick tips to enjoy your vegan meals:

Marinate Your Veggies

Transitioning to being vegan can be made more effective by incorporating tastes one usually associate with a non-vegan meal. Super vegetables like cauliflower or comfort foods like tofu taste best with the right mix of sauces and seasoning. Contrary to popular belief, vegan food is not bland and can taste great. Bring out your gluten-free soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, or salt and let your recipes soak in its unique flavors!

Make It Diverse

The next step to enjoying vegan food is to keep the menu diverse. Switch from rice, quinoa, pasta, or veggie burger in each meal. Try chilled veggie sticks or grilled vegetables for snacks which can be enjoyed with the classic hummus.

this image shows a fun way of being vegan table with vegan meal

Load Up

Some meat-eaters complain of not feeling full enough when eating vegan. Perhaps they do not eat much when no meat is present. But to keep up with the vegan lifestyle, it is a must to not be hungry to keep one functional all day. Start with food that both vegans and non-vegans enjoy like rice, non-dairy mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and fruits, and have your fill so you have energy all day.

Shake It

Another upside to this diet is that it can easily be put together in a blender for a refreshing shake! Take one for breakfast or one to-go for work. Whichever way you want it, shakes are fun ways to consume your protein and nutrients.

Cashew and almond milk gives a unique taste to most drinks, blend it with ice and your choice fruits for a summer-inspired take. For those looking for ways to bulk up, there are plant-based protein powders which are fun to blend, too!

Get Dessert

Great news for everyone with a sweet-tooth, vegan dessert is yummy! There are lots of non-dairy alternatives that are affordable and widely available in the market so you can easily create your tasty, gluten-free, dairy-less comfort treat. Try out no-bake chocolate brownie treat (which are also super easy to make!) after your next meal.