Going On a Raw Vegan Diet 101

this image shows going on a raw vegan diet, carrots

While a raw vegan diet is not actually a diet but more of a lifestyle, it’s still an option that a lot of people wouldn’t opt for. If your purpose is to detox and cleanses your body, then going raw is the life change you should be making.

Basically, being raw vegan doesn’t mean you need to cut down on food or starve yourself to lose weight. It’s also not like you need to grow your own trees and have to handle tree service just to get your food. On the contrary, it’s like an open-all time-all you can eat buffet; that’s right you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you possibly want, the best part? It’s all guilt-free and a 100% eco-friendly, for the one you’re not harming animals in any shape or form, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and it’s always not as many calories as you would think.

Here Are Some Vital Raw Vegan How-Top


The most exciting part about being a raw vegan is quite possibly the unlimited supply of smoothies and juices. If you want to stay energized throughout the whole day, start it with a smoothie, it’ll fill you up with your days’ worth of vitamins, carbs, and sugars.

Eat in abundance

Make your meals a fruit and veggies eating fest, you do not have to worry about your calories count because no matter how much you consume it won’t match to a double cheeseburger. Plus you will have to eat enough carbs and calories to keep your body nourished and balanced.

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A little exercise never hurt anybody, just like any diet includes exercising this one does as well, the road to a healthy body and mind can be overwhelming at the beginning but it’s worth it eventually. You can start with a minimum of simple workouts for 15 minutes a day and work your way up from there, and this is not only going to help your metabolism but it’s going to increase your productivity level as well. The key is in their ability to increase energy and calmness without overstimulation. This has brought them into the light as safe and effective alternatives to the harsher pharmaceuticals on the market.

How Stress and Cortisol Negatively Affect Our Body

A constant battering or low-level stressors can cause your cortisol levels to be through the roof, thus being considered as chronically high cortisol. This is extremely dangerous to your health as it has many negative mental and physical effects on the body such as:

● Weight gain

● Brain fog

● Mood swings

● Anxiety

● Forgetfulness

The most recommended medicine in such a situation, by the doctor or an expert, is to consume healthy food having major ingredients like fruits and green vegetables. Avoid situations that provide temptations to poor food choices and be in company with people who appreciate your choice of living.

There is no comparison of any diet with a vegan diet. It can make you skinny and healthy within a very short period of time. If you are watching your weight then a Vegan diet is the best choice.